Organizational Assessment plus Review and Next Steps sessions


Perfect for organizations who want to improve.

Working session for review of results.

Working session for next steps based on results.

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Perfect to understand the status of your people and processes …

  • Attitudes that affect customer relationships.
  • Behaviors that affect efficiencies and effectiveness–productivity.
  • Patterns that hold back the organization and teamwork.

Ideal for …

  • Companies that want to grow and have 10+ employees.
  • Organizations that want to become more effective with 10+ employees.

You get …

  • Baseline upon which to improve.
  • Facts and hard data to act on.
  • NPS scores to see where you stand with your reputation in the market–excellent for
    • Attracting good employees.
    • Improving partner relationships.
    • Growing customers.
  • Review and next step sessions to build a plan on.


Contact me at more details.

* Pricing based on 10-20 people. For larger groups pricing will change.


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