Harness your Talents In-Depth Workshop


In-depth workshop to harness your talents and strengthen your strengths.

The workshop aims participants toward producing business results.

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In-depth Workshop:   4 weekly 75 minute in-depth sessions for you to learn how to…

  • Establish a foundation of decision making (and time management choices).
  • Prioritize with certainty.
  • Leverage your talents, strengths, values, and biases in your business planning efforts.
  • Learn how to spot when you rely on blind spots and weaknesses, which does not work out well.

We’ll use your professional profile to learn how to leverage your talents and strengths to improve your business and make your efforts more effective.

And learn how to stop wasting time and energy on activities that don’t help.

Perfect for…

  • Business owners who are done wasting time with ineffective activities.
  • Professionals who know continuous improvement is key to achievement.
  • GMs, managers, directors who want to spend some time working on their professional development.
  • Those who know business success stands firmly on knowing, then aligning, their strengths, weaknesses, talents, biases, blind spots, preferred behaviors, perspectives and values.

You get…

  • Four, 75 minute sessions in small group.
  • Practical information and working sessions to get out of your own way … step up your game … learn what makes you effective and ineffective.
  • Certificate of Completion in Professional Development.



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