7-Point Business Quick Check




The 7-point Business Quick-CheckPhil Bride

Assesses where a company or organization is in its business life-cycle and where they are stuck.

The business owner or manager can use the Quick Check results to take action. They will know critical gaps holding them back.

The following areas identifies the critical gaps in getting a company back into focused execution and determines what the owners wants for the company.

  1. Extended team Check 
  2. Financial Check
  3. Execution Check: Accountability, Values, Activities, and Decisions 
  4. Leadership structure Check (determines the level of sustainable success the company will have)
  5. Staff life-cycle Check
  6. Customer life-cycle Check
  7. Product-Service life-cycle Check

60 – 90 minutes.

7-point Business Quick-Check Report Delivered to you in PDF format

COST: $150


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