4-week workshop–Up Your Game


4 weekly one-hour online workshops with study guides and worksheets to learn how to get out of your own way.

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WEBCAST:   4 weekly one-hour online live workshops with study guides and worksheets to learn how to…

> Get out of your own way.
> Learn how to do your job effectively.
> Deal with obstacles blocking progress.
> Collaborate and communicate.
> Get control over time.

Learn what causes you to get to stuck and what to do about it. In your profession, your job, on projects, in sales, working with groups and working with extended groups.

Perfect for…
> Professionals who feel stuck.
> New managers or new business owners.
> Professionals who suspect they may not be doing their job effectively.
> Experienced professionals, managers, and leaders who want to hone their skills on execution challenges.

You get…

  • 4 one hour sessions.
  • Worksheets sent in PDF format.
  • Certificate of Completion in Professional Development.


Webcast: Login information sent to attendees prior to workshop.
Dates: New sessions start monthly. Contact us for schedules >>
Time: 8:00 am to 9:00 am PT, usually Wednesdays.
Handouts: Workbooks emailed in PDF format.