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May 26 - June 01
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    The Culture Connection - 2019-05

    12:00 pm-1:00 pm
    Phil Bride, Executive Business Coach

    Phil Bride, Executive Business Coach


    The culture Connection — It’s all business
    Become one of the few excellent Business Managers

    Culture is really the set of behavior, actions and activities you and teams do. These drive business results, new sales, customer retention, cost controls, everything in business.

    The stuff that drives culture drives behaviors. Learn the drivers and how to get control over them.

    Connect the dots between daily activities, decisions, actions and business results. The Culture Connection.

    Register here >>

    • Cost: FREE
    • Date: Thursday, May 30, 2019
    • Time: Noon – 1:00 pm PST
    • Location:  Webinar right from your office.  Register today >>
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What Clients Say

“After working with Phil, from just one process we cleaned up, we reduced mistakes by 70% and are stacking up cost savings.” —Stan, Construction Business Owner.

“Going through the decision framework helped make a very big decision that was stressing me out. After the decision, I felt a huge sense of relief and our revenue jumped due to better focus.” —Jon, Software Construction Business Owner

“We’ve improved our sales per FTE by 30% once we clarified the gap through the SMART goals and I’m not yet done with Phil’s program!” —Tim, Business Owner

“I recommend that if you want to increase effectiveness, sit down with Phil.” —Michelle, small business owner

Coach Phil

Phil Bride

Professional Business Builder

Executive business coach

It's all about business, development, and execution

Phil Bride, MBA, AIC

Sharpen up

Clarity of direction, confidence in next steps

  • Get a plan you can execute
  • Prioritize like a pro
  • Get control over time

Push to the strategic

Up your game. Make things happen.

  • Set, execute a vision of accomplishment
  • Up your game on leadership
  • Get accountability in place

Align (new) managers

Team alignment—Up to speed quicker

  • Skills development
  • Collaboration
  • Project management


Coaching, training, development, facilitating

  • Professional Development
  • New manager training and development
  • Seasoned manager tune up
  • Strategy and execution
  • Business, Market, Sales planning and execution
Workshops, Classes, 1-on-1