Emerging Leaders Academy NW


Emerging Leaders Academy NW is a set of instructor led sessions that takes participants through professional development to become skilled leaders in their organizations.

The academy …

  • Serves companies looking to bring the next generation of leaders into the forefront and to sharpen skills of existing leaders. (decision making, time management, prioritization, goal setting, values-based management, servant leadership.)
  • Formed through a collaborative effort between PEAK Performance Group, PhilBride.com and Trusted Advisors Network.
  • Includes a set of three sequential phases for personal and professional development for emerging leaders.

Emerging leaders experience growth whether new to leadership or more experienced.

Each phase forms a leadership platform and framework. Participants experience personal, professional, discovery and growth in each phase.

The platform consists of in-depth, sessions held six times throughout  year in each phase.

  • Enables participants to develop and discuss ideas about leadership, how those apply to their industry.
  • Each session is 8 hours over one day.
  • Includes reading materials, workbooks, activities to put new skills into action.

The framework consists of a planning and execution structure.

  • Includes a structure of vision, values, goals, delegation, communication, management activity, planning and execution.
  • Has learning materials and workbooks.
  • Guides participants through improving attitudes, skills and knowledge.

Expected outcomes of the Academy.

Professional development as servant leaders to improve results in their careers and in their organizations.

Primarily to create servant leaders for their organization who can…

  • Make better decisions. (for projects, asset use, working with staff, controlling costs, working with customers).
  • Become better problem solvers. (for accountability and delegation).
  • Communicate better and more effectively.  (for collaboration and getting deeper engagement from the team).

As outcomes are realized, companies can expect to see a positive impact on their bottom line and get more engaged leaders for their organization

A key tenet is to develop success attitudes through understanding and application of …

  1. Prioritization.
  2. Goal Setting.
  3. Achieving systems.

The platform emphasizes values through coaching, training participants  in servant leadership:

  • Clarity of direction, what you want.
  • Choice in approach and execution.
  • Conditioning to build success attitudes.
  • Congruence   to align execution to values.

Eric Inouye - Lehigh Hanson
Eric Inouye – Lehigh Hanson
I was recently promoted at work. Through the class, I learned to lead better, manage my time and communicate better with others, which helped a lot.

Kristel Perry - Capital Aggregates
Kristel Perry – Capital Aggregates
I wanted to show my boss I am ready to take on more responsibility. I got the tools and confidence to talk to my boss, colleagues and staff. I also was able to better myself, others and the company through ELA.

Jason Turner - CEMEX
Jason Turner – CEMEX
I never had formal management training before, and now I have it in ELA. Using the goal planning sheets is the most useful in my department and for me personally. I now understand what leadership means and how to apply it at work.

The Academy consists of three phases with 6-sessions in each phase.

Each of the 6 sessions in a phase occurs once every 2 months over the period of a year.

Professionals and business owners working on the fundamentals of business.
Emerging leaders working on the skills of leadership and management.

The first phase (year 1) establishes strength of personal leadership. The phase clarifies the skills and attitudes of successful leadership in an organization.

EL1—year 1: Leadership begins with self leadership. Community Service Project in coordination with employers.*

The second phase (year 2) puts the participants into leadership roles guiding first year community service projects within the framework of the academy. This phase further develops leadership skills by managing others.

EL2—year 2: Developing organizational leadership within the framework of the organizational values acting as board of directors for EL1 projects.*

The third phase (year 3) builds a collaborative environment while guiding and coaching others through company projects within the framework of the academy. This phase drives home the importance of putting into practice and executing plans through extended and direct teams.

EL3—year 3: Development of a “coaching/mentoring” style of leadership. MasterMind with co-participants. Apply new skills to organization’s projects. Coach and guide EL1 and EL2 participants.*

* Participants sign up for each phase independently. There is no obligation to participate in EL2 or EL3. However, the phases do build on the foundations of the previous phase and help insure execution and leadership skills develop fully.


  1. Each participant has the opportunity to become a well rounded servant leader through professional development.
  2. Create a new set of leaders and leadership skills to improve their organization’s performance.
  3. Realize a more engaged workforce.
  4. Lower the levels of turnover.
  5. Ultimately, increase profitability and growth possibilities.

Ultimately, increase profitability and growth possibilities for the individual and the organization.

Support each organization as a value-driven, servant leader organization.

Each of the phases focus on 3 essential elements of personal leadership development.

  • Attitude
  • Skills
  • Goals

Premise for all phases and sessions.

In order to lead, you first have to learn to lead yourself which is the primary focus of EL1 and built upon in subsequent phases (EL2 and EL3).

  • Deep dive into personal and professional development.
  • Emphasizes personal growth in context of professional framework.
  • Introduce a common framework of leadership.
  • Develop a vivid mental picture of future direction and how to get there.

Emerging Leaders Academy is brought to you as a collaboration effort with Peak Performance Group, Rick Kolster, CBC, Dr. Mike Bolen and Phil Bride, MBA, Certified AI and the research team at Trusted Advisors Network.

ELA - Emerging Leaders Academy Trusted Advisors Network


3rd Thursdays of each “even” month in 2019

Thursday, February 21, 2019

  • Introductions & Kickoff
  • 8 am – 5 pm
  • Lunch brought in.

April 18

  • Lectures, group activities, workbooks.
  • 8 am – 5 pm
  • Lunch brought in.

June 20

  • Lectures, group activities, workbooks.
  • 8 am – 5 pm
  • Lunch brought in.

August 22

  • Lectures, group activities, workbooks.
  • 8 am – 5 pm
  • Lunch brought in.

October 17

  • Lectures, group activities, workbooks.
  • 8 am – 5 pm
  • Lunch brought in.

December 19

  • Lectures, group activities, workbooks.
  • Graduation & Celebration
  • 8 am – 5 pm
  • Lunch brought in.
Additional Details

All materials and detailed curriculum provided to paid participants.


The Beaverton Round Executive Suites
12725 SW Millikan Way Suite 300, Beaverton, OR
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Meet your Coach

Phil Bride, MBA, Certified AI

Lead executive coach, PhilBride.com (a Rogue River Consulting LLC brand)

President, Rogue River Consulting

Phil Bride

Guest Speakers

To be announced at kickoff.

Topics may include:

  • Servant leadership and ethics.
  • Difficult employees and difficult conversations.
  • Apps and tools to collaborate and manage teams.

Course Policies

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