Delegate like a leader

Delegate like a leader

You know you want to delegate like a leader. Yet, sometimes you feel like it’s not quite right. Or worse yet, the people you delegate tasks to don’t step up.

You probably even know the 3 must do’s to delegate like a leader. But your delegation still doesn’t work.

Jason struggles

Jason had a hard time getting anything done. Yet Jason could state all the shoulds and shouldn’ts to do it right. Jason sounded like he was reading out of a management best practices book. Yet he wasn’t getting it done. People wouldn’t do what he wanted them to do.

Enter “execution.” Like everything else in management and leadership, to delegate, is an action word filled with skills. Managers develop skills. Knowing what to do is not enough. Effective leaders develop the skills to delegate. That takes practice.

3 must-dos to delegate effectively

Set clear expectations. Communicate the expectations often. Write down expectations to increase effectiveness. Base your expectations on written SMART goals and and written aligned vision. Easy. Rarely done though.

Make sure people are up to speed. Train people on both the technical skills and managerial skills so they have the ability to execute. Work to have people aligned with your values. And of course you must have the “right people on the bus” in the first place. Fix it if that’s not the case.

Hold them accountable. Schedule and lead frequent and clear accountability sessions, either in one-on-one sessions or in peer groups. Tie the accountabilities to the expectations and goals–the essence of delegation. The key to delegate like a leader relies on the person accountable to “own” the results, not you.

Build your delegation skills

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