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  • Create an accountability culture—Be done firefighting
  • Get direction and next steps nailed.
  • Frame your actions, decisions with integrity.
  • Make clean decisions, get results.
  • Tackle toughest issues and go!

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Construction Contractors — Manufacturers — Professionals and High tech | Workshops, classes, coaching.

Executive Business Coach—Expert Management Trainer


"Harness Your Talents" In-depth Workshop

Sharpen your management skills.
  • 4, 75-minute noon sessions in February at the Beaverton Round Executive Suites
  • Learn how to leverage your strengths and not rely on blind spots for success.
  • Perfect for business professionals, managers, and business owners.
  • 6 CCB credit hours for contractors.
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Beaverton Chamber CN3.0 "The Culture of You"

  • Complimentary lunchtime workshop
  • Sharpen your management and leadership skills.
  • Perfect for business professionals, managers, and business owners.
  • January 31 11:30 to 1 pm
  • At the Beaverton Chamber
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    Free introduction to WIP

    2:30 pm-3:00 pm

    Please register for

    Free introduction to WIP

    Dec 14, 2017 2:30 PM PST at:

    In this free webinar on WIP you will learn the basic concepts of WIP, the structure and over/under billing so you can better manage cash through a job and across multiple jobs. This webinar is 30 minutes.

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    Job Costing - Construction best practices

    2:30 pm-3:00 pm

    Job Costing — Construction Best Practices

    Learn how to get control over job costs to help make sure each job is profitable. Understand the 3 components of job costing, basics of cost codes, best practices, and 5 key job cost elements.

    Please register for the complimentary 30 minute webinar

    Thursday, December 19, 2017

    2:30 PM PST at:

    This complimentary webinar covers Construction Job Costing best practices:
    * Learn the 3 primary components of job costing
    * Process to implement job costing
    * 5 key elements of job costing processes.

    30 minutes.

    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.



What Clients Say

“We’ve improved our sales per FTE by 30% once we clarified the gap through the SMART goals and I’m not yet done with Phil’s program!” —Tim, Business Owner

“Phil helped drive revenue growth year after year.” —Dustin, Sales Account Manager.

“I recommend that if you want to increase effectiveness, sit down with Phil.” —Michelle, small business owner

Coach Phil

Phil Bride

Professional Business Builder

Executive business coach

It's all about business, development, and execution

Phil Bride, MBA, AIC

Sharpen up

Clarity of direction, confidence in next steps

  • Get a plan you can execute
  • Prioritize like a pro
  • Get control over time

Push to the strategic

Up your game. Make things happen.

  • Set, execute a vision of accomplishment
  • Up your game on leadership
  • Get accountability in place

Align (new) managers

Team alignment—Up to speed quicker

  • Skills development
  • Collaboration
  • Project management


Coaching, training, development, facilitating

  • Professional Development
  • New manager training and development
  • Seasoned manager tune up
  • Strategy and execution
  • Business, Market, Sales planning and execution
Workshops, Classes, 1-on-1