vision with meat

A vision with meat is vivid and clear.

Vision with meat

The point of a vision with meat is to get alignment.

Alignment of your actions, your priorities, your to do list, your team’s activities and their willingness to take steps without you drives execution to improve margins and performance.

A vision without meat wastes time. If the vision has no meat, no meaning there isn’t any alignment.

Your team will know there are multiple masters being served and people will pull in different directions.

If you’ve been in industry or worked in groups or teams you’ve seen it. It’s not pleasant.

What are the 7 essentials of a vision with meat?

Vivid. A vision that can be “seen” by anyone.

Positive. It is about what is possible, what can move the company forward, improvecustomers’ experience with your product or service, and moves the people in the company forward.

Inspiring. People can see how it will positively affect them and is aligned with their goals. It is something bigger than any individual.

Realistically high. It is just out of reach, something that you may not know “how” to achieve just yet, but is something you want.

Focused and clear. It is not chasing everything, not trying to be everything to everyone. It is focused on what you want. It can be described simply and understood by all.

Yours. It is tied deeply to your values and reflects what you want. If you are in charge it must be tied to your personal values.

Future. It is a picture of the future in which you, your company, and your customers and partners participate.

When you find yourself diminishing the need for a vision, making fun of a vision or discounting the effort to create a vision, ask yourself, “Does this vision fail any of the 7 essentials of meaty vision?”

Ask if you can get where you want to go if your vision is simply to “make more money?”

Maybe. If so, will it be satisfying?

If you have aspirations for your profession and your company, then take the time to work through a vision that has meat.

What is your vision?

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